ICSA offering Network Security Insurance, What’s Up With The Website?

I recently came across a company that was offering an insurance policy to their customers if at any time their customers network was hacked.  Now to me this just sounds like a future box of fraud from customers bad intentions.  Anyways, since this product was unveiled the company signed up 100 new customers over a 6 month period.  Interested in learning more I attempted to jump over to their website and take a look at their products and services.  Once the website loaded my browser came up with a page that reviled the image shown on the right.  Did the company get hacked, is this just a internal glitch or is it just an update? 

I’ve always been told, if an expert hacker wants to infiltrate your network, they will.  You can stop a majority of hackers with upgraded software, firewalls, etc.  However, there will always be a select few out there that can get into about anything.  These are the ones you hear about in the news from time to time.

More on ICSA’s Company’s Release

The ICSA, International Computer Security Association, is now offering $250,000 of insurance for customers of it’s TruSecure service.  This insurance will cover customers if their network is attacked by any malicious hackers, even if no losses are suffered.

ICSA’s President Peter Tippet mentioned how they expect claims from time to time because what they do is reduce risk, not totally eliminate it.  A recent study conducted by ICSA revielled that more than 70% of 200 internet servers had security flaws that made these servers vulnerable to outside attackers.  This was the result of the study even though most of the servers had firewalls in place.  This survey study was performed on companies of all sizes from small businesses to fortune 500 companies.

One fact that was mentioned was how operating systems have built in vulnerabilities.  Proper configuration of firewalls is crucial to get the most security oout of your network.

The insurance policy offered to customers pays out $20,000 per occurence for each certified site up to 2 times the customer’s annual subscription.  The $250,000 is the maximum annual payment.

Tippet also mentioned how this insurance is in part a device for marketing.  However the company has signed up 100 customers in the last 6 months for the TruSecure service.  The company now is discussing network risk and liability coverage with a Major U.S insurance companies who may in the future offer coverage with higher limits.

Currently the TruSecure service starts at $40,000 a year and this pays for the complete service.  This service is aimed to protect an organization’s network from outside penetration.  The service involves scanning for vulnerabilities and bringing the networks up to security standards.  TruSecure will also conduct on-site audits, updates, alerts and periodic spot-checking.

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    I recently got a pingback from tucsonwebmarketing . net because he copied several full pages of my content. I contacted him threatening to contact his registrar and host if he didn’t take it down and he did. I thought I would run a scan on his site to find out where he stole the remaining content from and it turns out its this page


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